I am extraordinarily proud to live in St. Mary’s County and feel blessed to have met so many great people who live, work, and own businesses here. It’s the reason I am so determined to combat the county’s rapidly increasing violent crime and exceedingly high number of traffic-related fatalities.

John O'Connor is in his second term representing Commissioner District 3 (Charlotte Hall, Mechanicsville, Golden Beach and the Seventh District). He was raised on Long Island, New York, where he was raised in a culture of public service as his family has served the NYPD for several generations. He currently resides in Mechanicsville with his wife Elizabeth and son John Edward II.

After completing several years of service in the United States Army as a Non-Commissioned Officer with the  Military Police, he continued his public service as a civilian police officer. O'Connor has served in various capacities such as patrol officer, supervisor, Criminal Investigator, Emergency Services Team (EST), Undercover Narcotics Operations, K9, Vehicular Homicide Investigation, command staff, Deputy Chief of Police, and Acting Chief of Police. O'Connor remains active and in good standing as a law enforcement officer in the State of Maryland. John is a two time recipient of the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions Instructor of the Year Award. 

John serves on the Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT) Board of Trustees and has been Chairman of the Risk Management subcommittee for several years. The Committee is responsible for the review and approval of technical loss control guidelines, for advising the Underwriting Committee of a Member’s deviation from those guidelines, for setting requirements for the admission of Members to the pools, and for reviewing LGIT’s claim history to analyze loss control needs.



Associate Degree in Criminal Justice


Bachelors of Science Degree in Management

Public Safety Leadership Program



  • ​State of Maryland Traffic Safety Specialist, Maryland Highway Safety Office

  • Strategic Planning and Coordination 

  • Leading Effective Traffic Safety Enforcement Programs (LETSEP), Baltimore County 

  • Traffic Incident Management (TIMS)

  • Advanced Roadside Impairment Driving Enforcement

  • Expert Enhanced Law Enforcement Instructor

  • Physical Security Specialist 

  • Radar / Lidar Instructor 

  • Emergency Services Training, United States Army 

  • Emergency Vehicle Operator Instructor

  • Firearms Instructor Type I, II, III, IV

  • K-9 Handler, Patrol Explosives and Narcotics

  • K-9 Instructor

  • Federal Narcotics Investigations, US Army, US Marshall Service

  • Federal Bureau of Investigations - Investigating Hate Crimes

  • NYPD Undercover Narcotics Investigations, New York City Police Department

  • Police First Line Supervisors School

  • Police First Line Administrators Training

  • Vehicular Homicide Investigator (Accident Reconstruction) , Level I ,II, III                                                                          

  • Field Training Officer

  • Field Training Officer Instructor

  • Narcotics Interdiction School, Fayetteville Tech

  • Highway Narcotics Interdiction School, Fayetteville Tech

  • Multi jurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force, US Army

  • Unmanned Aerial System Pilot, Part 107, FAA

  • Motor Vehicle Carrier Enforcement, Maryland State Police, Part A & B, Hazardous Material, &  Bulk 


  • Homeland Security: $2,300,000

  • Department of Justice COPS Hiring FY21: $1,475,000

  • Police Recruitment and Retention: FY 20-22: $56,000

  • State Aid for Police Protection: FY 20- 22: $343,000

  • Gun Violence Reduction Grant: FY 20-23: $75,000

  • Law Enforcement Training Scholarship: FY21 $5,000

  • Department of Justice COPS Hiring FY22: $3,640,000 


  • Court Recognized Expert, Automated Enforcement, Maryland v. Eastover Auto. Maryland Circuit

       and District Court 2012

  • Court Recognized Expert, Narcotics Investigations, United States v. Sosa 2005. Fort Bragg, NC

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