Effectively upholds the position of County Commissioner for St. Mary’s County and works closely with the other County Commissioners towards the orderly and efficient operation of the county government. Responsibilities include enacting comprehensive plans, overseeing the county’s annual budget and finance, debts, contracts and the appointment of department heads and staff in departments. Possess the executive power collectively with the other county commissioners and has broad authority in overseeing an operating budget of over $300M, and over 700 Full Time, Part Time, and Hourly employees. Budget oversight is provided for corrections, the Sheriff’s Department, States Attorney’s Office, and several other state and local entities.




A member of the senior executive management team, responsible for instituting systems that provided effective internal management. Direct responsibility for managing and providing strategic leadership and oversight to assigned departments (Operations, Customer Service, Accounting, IT, and HR) and participates in the general management of the company in close support of the Chief Executive Officer.

  • Drove customer satisfaction while maintaining a reasonable cost structure and ensures compliance with governmental, ISO, and management expectations.

  • Assures protection for the assets of the business through internal control, internal auditing and policies.

  • Responsible for the supervision and management of 50 employees’ over 20 public safety contracts.

  • Trained over 1,000 police officers and coordinates with various state agencies.




Managed all administrative and operational functions of the Town of Brentwood Police Department and assisted in the planning, directing, and coordinating of activities in the Police Department including being responsible for the supervision of Police personnel.

Brentwood is a town in Prince George's CountyMaryland, United States. Per the 2020 census, the population was 3,828. Brentwood is located within 1-mile of Washington. The municipality of Brentwood is located just outside the northeast boundary of the District of Columbia and surrounded by the communities of Mount RainierCottage CityNorth Brentwood, and the nearby Hyattsville. Along the Route 1 Corridor, Brentwood is part of the Gateway Arts District, and has a Law Enforcement **Service population of over 75,000. 

  • Resolved problems of the highest technical nature when required and participated in the determination and formulation of City policies.

  • Assisted in planning, staffing, and directing police activities and conducted administrative studies of management problems and concerns.

  • Coordinated, prepared, and administered the budget for the Police Department. Developed comprehensive programs designed to effectively correct operational deficiencies.

  • Investigated citizen complaints about police personnel conduct and services and made recommendations on performance ratings, disciplinary actions, and related matters.




Spearheaded the planning, directing and controlling the activities of all lower ranking sworn Police Officers and Civilian Personnel in the performance of their duties. Responded to the scene of major incidents, whether of a criminal nature or natural disaster, and to assumed field command and remained there until the situation is under control.  The complexity of work varied and the scope of responsibility varied. Responsible for the development and implementation of traffic and security operational plans associated with large scale events, to include entertainment venues

Fairmount Heights is a town in Prince George's County, Maryland, United States. Per the 2020 census, the population was 1,528. The town was formally incorporated in 1935, making the town the second oldest African American-majority municipality in Prince George's County. The town is composed of six subdivisions: Fairmount Heights (1900), Waterford (1907), Mount Weissner (1909), North Fairmount Heights (1910), West Fairmount Heights (1911) and Sylvan Vista (1923). Fairmount Heights has a law enforcement **service population of over 125,000 citizens as it is geographically located on the District of Columbia Line. 

  • Reduced personnel expenses within the budget through better manpower allocation and improved communication, thus reducing overtime expenditures.

  • Identified and analyzed problems, leading to successful solutions and the implementation of action plans.

  • Initiated and develop strategic plans to fight crime and work in partnership with surrounding jurisdictions, and exercised immediate remedial action to correct any quality deficiencies that occur in areas of responsibility.

  • Implemented Non-Standard practices for combating prostitution on the Eastern Avenue corridor working in partnership with the command staff of the Metropolitan Police District of Columbia, Prince George’s County Police, and the Citizens Against Prostitution.

SEAT PLEASANT POLICE DEPARTMENT                                                          



Office in Charge Special Operations Division

Provided management functions including enacting a K-9 program start up at no cost to the SPPD and sustainment, grant administration for technology integration, and maintained significant roles in major projects designed to upgrade the efficiency and effectiveness of police operations. Developed and successfully implemented security policies, and programs in addition to coordinating personnel development, training, operational plan development, and major incident command. Resolved technical and operational problems, eliminating redundancies resulting in cost savings.

Seat Pleasant is an incorporated city in Prince George's County, Maryland, United States, located immediately east of Washington. Per the 2020 census, the population was 4,522. Two state highways pass through the community — Maryland routes 704 (now called Martin Luther King Jr. Highway and previously named George Palmer Highway in honor of banker and community leader George Palmer) and 214 (Central Avenue). The Washington Metro's Blue and Silver Lines are nearby. The Washington Commanders' stadium is east of Seat Pleasant, near the Capital Beltway (I-95/495). The City of Seat Pleasant has a law enforcement **service population of over 175,000 citizens 

  • Authored Grants which resulted in $5.5 Million in awarded funds in three years

  • Monitored all grant requirements and fund expenditures to maintain grant eligibility and report it via quarterly reports to the USDOJ and Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention, Seat Pleasant Police Department and Seat Pleasant City Council.

  • Continued to foster a working and growing relationship with local businesses and community groups ensuring that their needs were met with positive results and a trustworthy relationship.

  • Officer in Charge Traffic Enforcement Unit, Accident Reconstruction, Police Motorcycle Unit, Strategic Initiative, Crime Prevention, Drone Aviation Unit

  • Lead Annexation efforts which increased the size of the city substantially

  • Lead strategic efforts to grow law enforcement positions from 16 to over 40 officers in a short period of time

**Service Population means the recipients, users, and beneficiaries of an agency’s activities or the subject of an agency’s regulation.